PEN Anthology of Nigerian Indigenous Languages calls for submissions

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* December 31, 2021 is submission deadline

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THE Nigerian Centre of PEN International (PEN Nigeria) has extended its call for submissions for its planned PEN Anthology of Nigerian Indigenous Languages writing from August 31 to December 31, 2021. Also, the scope of participants has been broadened from only its members to the general public who wish to join the writers’ group for publication in the first quarter of 2022. But after due consultations, the centre resolved to broaden the scope of entries to include all genres of literature – poetry, drama and short stories in any indigenous Nigerian language for the online anthology.  According to a statement signed by its Secretary, Translation and Linguistic Rights Committee (TLRC) of PEN Nigeria, Olatubosun David, ”Having no common local language to bring our diversity of tongues together, the English language has become our solace and mediator. We strive to communicate in this general language, thereby leaving non-English users in the dust. It is important to note that one of the major ways to preserve the culture of a land is to ensure the continuous use of its Indigenous language(s), especially at a time when most of the younger generation are finding it hard to do so which, as a result, is leading the beauties of our many languages (culture) on the verge of extinction.”

President of PEN Nigeria Centre, Folu Agoi

PEN Nigeria, in its quest to ransom and preserve indigenous languages, is inviting submissions of entries – poetry, drama and short stories in any indigenous Nigerian language for the anthology. Submission guidelines include a maximum of four poems or 3 000 words for other genres in any Nigerian indigenous language; works submitted must be accompanied by English translations. Translators must be acknowledged; language(s) used must be clearly indicated; submissions must be in one document, each new poem starting on a new page, and a short bio of not more than 100 words written in third person on the final page of the document.

Entries should be sent via email, as attachments, with subject: SUBMISSION: PEN NIGERIA ONLINE ANTHOLOGY OF INDIGENOUS LANGUAGES to: Call +234 802 611 8565 for more details. Works submitted must be original works of the contributor. Any entry found to be plagiarised will be automatically disqualified; members of the public interested in joining this association (PEN Nigeria Centre) may also submit their entries, with writers retaining the copyright to their works.

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