2’WYTH GbeduPoet memorialises raw emotions of ‘Lekki Massacre’ in album

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Music Review
Song title: Lekki Massacre
Artists: 2’WYTH GbeduPoet ft. Vizza & Starlight
Genre: Afrobeat/GbeduPoetry
Duration: 3 minutes

By Prosper Dikibo Joshua

LEKKI Massacre is a song that shows the continuous lamentation of Nigerian youth—“we no go forget…”, according to the song’s hook—a cry catalyzed by the 20th day of October. Precisely at 6:50PM, the eve of the said day, it is believed that members of the Nigerian Army opened fire on peaceful #EndSARS protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos, Nigeria. And, according to Amnesty International, at least 12 protesters were killed during the shooting, but Lagos state governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu denied that anybody died; he would later make U-turn days later when Sanwo-Olu faced a CNN journalist, where he admitted that “only two persons were killed.” The number of death is still an argument and may never cease to be.
As a song with such inspiration as narrated above, it is expected to drive home feelings or emotions. Thus the writers – 2’WYTH, Vizza and Starlight did justice to the song to remind listeners of the raw emotions when the whole world watched aghast armless youths being openly shot at. The tendency of an art work to have some flaws, whether a few or in a plethora cannot be over-stressed, but this song almost passes the test of such prejudice, but of note is when the rapper (Vizza) says, “Dey no be Jesus, but dem carry our blood turn am into wine”. It is supposed that the one that dies (like Jesus) is whose blood will be used as wine (in the case of communion); therefore the protesters are to be seen in this direction and not the Nigerian government. “We no b Jesus, but….”, should have been the right arrangement.

2’WYTH GbeduPoet

That said, so as not to hit a perfection level then, this song is 99 per cent beautifully created. The beat is simple afro, giving you the feeling of nostalgia, the pains in the said event and a rhythm to dance for the hope ahead. This cool beat allows the artists to render their words vividly and audibly for an average Nigerian; this should also connect to the use of a native Nigerian pidgin English in the song.
The intent of the song is made clear in each style and use of literary terms. The Gbedupoet, in his poetic rendering, says, “… planted Boko bullets….”, which is to say that the bullet meant for terrorists is now used on the innocent protesters. In a case that seems a shift in paradigm, a peaceful protest which is legal, according to the Nigerian constitution, is now seen in the words of Vizza as the ‘latest crime’. Kudos should, however, go to Starlight for such an “ethereal” hook that brings home and kick starts the nonfictional song.
To crown the great song, there is a show of “a responsible youths” with the avoidance of any strong language; no vulgar use of words found in it in general. This song is soft, and will make someone seek more information about the said Lekki Massacre. A 9 in a scale of ten should be the worst rating by any good music lover.
Otatane-oso Freeman Andrew, aka 2’WYTH GbeduPoet, is a creative soul that blesses humanity with his creative juices. He’s the originator of GbeduPoetry (poetry blended with music that you can dance to). He’s the founder of PoeticNest (the pioneer Poetry Club in the University of Uyo). He’s a former Secretary of Seaview Poetry Club Worldwide (long-standing Poetry Club in the Niger Delta).
He’s a writer, songwriter, poet, photographer, documentary filmmaker, fashion designer and entrepreneur. He’s the Creative Director of EKEIN2WYTH Global Services, the parent company of 2’WYTH Lens. He’s the author of Think Ink and seven eBooks on www.9jabooks.com. He’s the first poet to drop a Spoken Word Poetry album in the Niger Delta titled Chapman, which is available on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon, Boomplay, YouTube Music, CD Baby and Audiomack. Thereafter, he dropped a GbeduPoetry EP in 2020 and the current crooner of Lekki Massacre, a GbeduPoetry jam that commemorates the killing at Lekki Toll Gate during #EndSARS protest on October 20, 2020.
Andrew is a graduate of Human Anatomy, University of Uyo. He’s a native of Usokun in Degema Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. He’s socially vibrant in the following platforms: Instagram/Twitter: @2wyth_gbedupoet

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