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Nigerian Art Scenes You Can Count On

Anote Ajeluorou is a seasoned Nigerian Arts & Culture Journalist of many years standing who understands the Nigerian art scene having covered it for well over two decades. He has worked at such big media brands as The Punch, The Nation & The Guardian where he left for private practice. Mr. Ajeluorou is also an emerging voice as a writer. His published Children’s book, ‘Igho Goes to Farm’ is widely acclaimed & was longlisted for The Nigeria Prize for Literature 2019 and adjudged one of the 11 best children’s books in the country. It was also endorsed for Prof. Wole Soyinka’s 85th birthday celebration in Abeokuta, Nigeria. The Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) has also endorsed it for secondary schools.

Ajeluorou has other literary works awaiting publication that include novels, poetry, folklore narratives, short stories, drama pieces, etc.
He recently started a Nigerian themed t-shirt line called ‘Anote Alliance’



To expose uniquely Nigerian art & culture & tourism to the global audience through showcasing them with good reportage in an interactive manner on a global platform.


To expose Nigerian thriving art, culture & tourism & enable talented practitioners harness their huge potential.

Services on offer

We provide guided tours for international tourists who come to experience amazing Nigerian unique environment.

Also, Nigerian drama troupes spread across the country, dance & festivals are of world standards, which we also offer to a global audience that wishes to enjoy the culture that is uniquely made in Nigerian.